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Tranquility. With a hint of chaos.

IWSC Award-Winning

A deliciously smooth gin with a refreshing citrus flavor. Carefully crafted with juniper berries and hand-selected spices, perfect for any occasion.

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"Meadows Gin's fresh, uplifting flavours make for a crisp and flavoursome gin and tonic that brings to mind the feeling of summer and spring"

— Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide

"If you're looking for something that is smooth and versatile then look no further than Meadows. Cracking gin, full of citrus flavours, subtle spices and floral notes –– 100% recommend."

— Jack Threlfall via Amazon

"Beautiful smooth gin. Highly recommended."

— Tim G. via Amazon

"Wow! A truly distinctive gin, a citrus filled explosion on the taste buds and then a long and smooth satisfying finish, revealing all the botanicals held inside. Remarkable, I love it"

— Rob Foley via Google